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Freshman Advisement

Dear 9th Grade Students and Families,

This letter is your invitation to participate in the Freshman Advisement program for planning your student’s high school curriculum. Freshman Advisement is a Cobb County program that helps parents and students in planning a program of study for the remaining three years of high school. You and your students will have an opportunity to hear a presentation on graduation requirements, HOPE scholarship criteria, and the best academic pathway to meet your student’s post-secondary goals.

Please note: Elective registration for Fall 2022 will be conducted during Freshmen Advisement.

· Freshman Advisement will be held on select dates and times at Walton High School March 15th -  March 31st.

· Freshman Advisement registration is open now through February 28th. Please sign up for an advisement session that works for both you and your student. If a parent/guardian is unable to attend (parent/guardian participation is not required), please have your student go ahead and sign up for a time that works best for them.

· Click here to register for Freshman Advisement 

· Due to planning constraints, we will be unable to accommodate any late registrations.

· Students who are not registered for a session will complete advisement without a parent/guardian at a later time with their school counselor.

· Students will need to bring their school issued or personal device to their advisement appointment. We have limited access to extra devices.

·  If you would like to opt in for a school-issued device, you can still do so in ParentVue. Please opt in at least one week prior to your advisement appointment to allow time for pick up and required set up.

· If your student will be using a personal device, please ensure it is connected to the school Wi-Fi prior to the start of your scheduled session. Phones are not an acceptable personal device.

· Parking information: Please park in the bus lanes behind the school. Do not park in the numbered spaces in the front and back lots. We will have a volunteer stationed at the back door to direct you where to go for your advisement session.

Freshman Advisement Presentation 21-22.jpg

Freshman Advisement Presentation

March 15 - March 31, 2022

PowerPoint presentation that was presented during Freshman Advisement.

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