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McEachern High School Counseling Department

2400 New Macland Road • Powder Springs, GA 30127 
Tel: 770.222.3710 • Fax: 770-222-3739


About Us

MHS Counselors are committed to serving the Academic, Career and Social/Emotional needs of our students. Feel free to contact your counselor with any questions or concerns.​​​​​​​


“Counselors committed to helping students maximize their potential”


"We endeavor to encourage all of our students to ‘Maximize their Potential"

Meet The School Counseling Staff

Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00 pm
School Counselors are assigned by last names.  To be most effective, school counselors meet with students on an appointment basis. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with their counselor or contact them via email.


Melissa Lynch
Department Chair

Last names  T-Z
Book an appointment


Dr. Brandy Brady

Last names A-C

Book an appointment


Berenice Flores-Arriaga

Last names J-N

Book an appointment


Reginald Hurns

Last names O-S


Dennise Voyles

Records Clerk


Edwine Estime

Counseling Clerk


Cami Joubert

Graduation Coach

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Alicia Smith
Site Coordinator

McEachern High School Counselors:

  • are available to help with social/emotional, academic, and career counseling.

  • assist students in planning for success while in high school and beyond.

  • maintain a collection of current information in the career center which include but is not limited to: college catalogs and applications; financial aid information; scholarship opportunities; military and civilian career outlook materials.

  • conduct workshops and seminars on subjects including but not limited to:  PSAT preparation and reading score reports, financial aid sources, registration materials, etc.

Upcoming Events

Senior Parent Night

Tuesday, August 29

Virtual Meeting- Direct Link will be sent via CTLS

Dual Enrollment Summit

Thursday, August 31,

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Cobb  Civic Center

Senior Bridge Law

Tuesday, September 5 -

Friday, September 15

Topics discussed: Postsecondary options, Naviance, College Application Process, Scholarship and Financial Aid, discuss upcoming events.

Dual Enrollment Meetings

Held every other Wednesday, beginning September 6

In person meeting will be held in the Career Center located in the BT Building. Virtual options will be available. Direct link provided through Students Naviance account.

University of West Georgia Rep. Visit

Tuesday, September 12

10:00 AM

BT College and Career Center

Freshman Parent Night

Tuesday, September 19

Virtual Meeting- Direct Link will be sent via CTLS

Kennesaw State University
Rep. Visit

Tuesday, September 19

2:00 PM

BT College and Career Center

Georgia Institute of
Technology Rep. Visit

Wednesday, September 20

10:00 AM

BT College and Career Center

Jacksonville State University Rep. Visit

Wednesday, October 11

10:00 AM

BT College and Career Center

Reinhardt University
Rep. Visit

Tuesday, October 24

2:00 PM

BT College and Career Center

Freshman Bridge Law

Monday, October 2 -

Friday, October13

Topics discussed: GPA, Course Rigor, Transcripts, Promotion Requirements, Graduation Requirements, Dual Enrollment, Tools for Success

Follow Us On Social Media

The McEachern Counseling social media accounts are produced and maintained by the McEachern High School Counseling Department. The sole purpose is to provide information to the McEachern community about upcoming events. Comments have been disabled/hidden on all social media sites. Contact your school counselor if you have any questions about information made in a social media post.

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